G Suite by Google

G Suite for Advanced Usage and Management

G Suite as known is a sophisticated platform that we provide to manage your business profiles efficiently.

Products and tools developed by google deliver and support user-defined documentation, cloud computing, software, updates, etc.

Storage with unlimited space, advanced settings, and tools with a futuristic approach and 24/7 support for phone and system services.

Tools and features under G Suite

G Suit provides several productivity services for users.

Gmail and google calendar

Email services with guaranteed uptime and sufficient storage with proper support and mail synchronization. Calendars to put up with schedules for meetings, track of timetables, service period, and reminders about upcoming events.

Google drive and forms

Drives provide easy access to the cloud for file storage, synchronized services, sharing, uploading, etc for both Windows and macOS for desktop services and both Android and IOS for mobile phone services. forms to create and put up survey applications and also to apply specialized functions.

Google docs, sheets and slides

The viewing, editing, retrieving, and storing of user-defined files are simplified by using google owned Wordprocessor, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Sites and vaults

Google sites help users to create and edit their website for business purposes without any programming knowledge. Google vaults are used to archive and retrieve email messages to store sensitive or private mails.

Benefits of G Suite

G suite as it comes with several functions attributes to several advantages to the users.

Best storage

In the cloud, saving delivers an unlimited storage capacity and uptime management.

Time management and productivity

With calendar and documentation features, users can manage, schedule, and plan their business strategies upfront.

Cost-effective and availability

G suite is an affordable and easily approachable platform when compared to other conventional services.

Our monthly plan for all our services

We put together the best and affordable plans that you may get for our high-quality services.  

Startup Pack

  • Initial Server Setup
  • 24/7 Proactive Server Management
  • Backup & Restore Data
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • Software & Security Updates
  • Basic Server Tuning & Optimization


Value Pack

  • Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)
  • Server Optimization & Hardening
  • Backup/Restore Data
  • Security Incidents Monitoring
  • Migration & Transfers

Super Saver Pack

  • Server hardening and initial setup
  • Remote linux os install
  • Hourly server admininstration
  • Server security package
  • Data Recovery
  • SSL certificate installations

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