Microsoft Partner Network

Partnership to uplift the customer business

The Microsoft aided products and services are provided via the partnership network systems.

A wide range of resources and utilities are made available to many customers to build an effective business.

Vendors, service providers, sell solutions, and programs to bring up business efficacy.

Services under the MS Partner Network

Several products and attributes serve under MPN.

Service providers

MSP provides the Microsoft service areas where the clients have access to files within the cloud, network, or a system for any purpose under business.


The supply chain services, where the suppliers are made available to the customers upfront.

Cloud solution provider(CSP)

On the cloud process of data like hosting, storage, retrieval, etc for the high-end business users.

Hosting services

Cloud and system hosting service providers for the end-users to host any on cloud or system with access to all the resources.

Benefits of MPN

MPN offers several products and services and hence attributes many benefits.

Global exposure

The resources and opportunities are available globally for any client to have access to which adds on to sophisticated business management.

Partnership benefits

The partnership of all services and products with shared goals, make the business strategy easier and less rigid.

Guaranteed growth

With the assistance of Microsoft services, the growth potential of the customers is guaranteed to a major level.

Our monthly plan for all our services

We put together the best and affordable plans that you may get for our high-quality services.  

Startup Pack

  • Initial Server Setup
  • 24/7 Proactive Server Management
  • Backup & Restore Data
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • Software & Security Updates
  • Basic Server Tuning & Optimization


Value Pack

  • Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)
  • Server Optimization & Hardening
  • Backup/Restore Data
  • Security Incidents Monitoring
  • Migration & Transfers

Super Saver Pack

  • Server hardening and initial setup
  • Remote linux os install
  • Hourly server admininstration
  • Server security package
  • Data Recovery
  • SSL certificate installations

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