Internet-based rendezvous for business communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to deliver the best internet-based communication services like meetings, telecommunications, messaging, etc.

It supports several social and multimedia meetings and associations over the internet.

It delivers special media with both video and audio encodes. It is basically a packet-switched network over conventional telephonic communication.

Functions of VoIP

VoIP has several attributes.

Media support

Media such as calls, meetings, files, messages, etc can be transported and retrieved from any end.

Managing a session

Management and encryption of media meetings among 2 or more end individuals.


Caller identification, authentication, and registration of the caller and the end receivers.

Larger bandwidth

The bandwidth for the calls, messages, video conferencing for social and business meetings is wider.

Benefits of VoIP


The calls, meetings, and messages are end-to-end encrypted and have protective protocols.


The quality of communication services is sophisticated when compared to conventional communication systems.

Scheduled and organized business

The communication services are designed in such a way that it optimizes the business strategies and conductivity.

Our monthly plan for all our services

We put together the best and affordable plans that you may get for our high-quality services.  

Startup Pack

  •     Initial Server Setup
  •    24/7 Proactive Server Management
  •    Backup & Restore Data
  •    3rd Party Software Installation
  •    Software & Security Updates
  •    Basic Server Tuning & Optimization


Value Pack

  •     Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)
  •     Server Optimization & Hardening
  •     Backup/Restore Data
  •     Security Incidents Monitoring
  •     Migration & Transfers

Super Saver Pack

  •     Server hardening and initial setup
  •     Remote linux os install
Hourly server admininstration
  •     Server security package
  •     Data Recovery
  •     SSL certificate installations

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