Make your home and office secure today by following these tips. Avoid these things to ensure safety in the workplace. Know about the different kinds of security risks and ways to prevent them.

How to ensure that your home or office is safe and secure

Know if your home and office is secure. Ensure information technology security at the workplace. What are the different types of security risks? Avoid connecting personal devices to office network.

Ever wondered about how safe your home and office is? Working from home has been trending ever since we were struck by the covid 19 pandemic and seems like it will continue even after the pandemic is over.

Keep your home and office workplace safe and secure

Keeping your workplace in mind, it is important to know how safe your home and office really is. You need to make sure that you have a secure information technology security system to protect you against any security breaches or mishaps.

Kinds of security risks

To know how safe your home and office is and to make your information technology security more effective, we need to know what kind of security risks are there.

  1. Insider threats : when a person from inside the organisation misuses the  network to the company’s disadvantage, it counts as an insider threat.
  2. Viruses and worms : these are malwares designed to destroy or harm the company’s data and network.
  3. Phishing attacks : this is a method used to trick the users into revealing their personal and confidential information.
  4. Malvertising : it is a technique by which malicious codes are inserted into websites. Now, when aa user clicks that website, they are redirected to a malicious website or a certain malware is downloaded in their computers.
  5. Ransomware : it is a method in which the criminal locks the device of the user and asks for Ransome to open it for them.

These were few risks which are very common. Few other risks may include using unprotected wifi, using random devices for office work, etc.

How to increase security in workplace?

Be it home or office, the security of the employee’s workplace means the security of the company.

After knowing the about the different types of risks you might now have an idea about how safe is your home and office.

Now, we will know about what we can do to increase the information technology security.

Teach and train the employees about the following tips to ensure security.

  1. Advice them to always ignore pop-ups, unknown emails and unknown leaks.
  2. Strong and different passwords must be used along with authentication.
  3. Using secure wifi while working away from office. VPN must be used for security reasons.
  4. Firewall protection is a must. Advice them to install firewalls while working from home.
  5. Usage of strong security systems in devices of work.
  6. Advice them to quickly update the security system if there’s any available. Also, always keep a backup of your data, just in case.
  7. Following control measures advised by company while working from home.
  8. Advice them against connecting personal devices to office network.
  9. Final tip will be to strongly suggest and warn your employees that they must prevent avoiding security protocols.

Following these tips you can ensure that the information technology security in your workplace is a lot more secure.

How to ensure that your home or office is safe and secure


After going through the article you will be able to determine how safe is your home and office, the different kinds of security risks that may harm an organization and how to increase the security of workplace.