Distinctions among Helpdesk, Service Desk and Desktop Support.

We distinguish between Helpdesk, Service Desk and Desktop Support which are interchangeably used.

Helpdesk vs Service Desk support

The ITIL literature has a separate definition for Service Desk and not for the Helpdesk. The IT Helpdesk emerged in the late 1980s to help the corporations to sustain the functionality of their IT resources that helps the business to operate. The Service Desk developed out of the ITIL framework as a single point of contact between end-users and service providers.

Now, the difference between Service Desk and Helpdesk lies in the difference between strategy and tactics. Strategy sets goals, determines actions and incite resources to execute the actions and achieve the goals, involving long-term planning. Tactics is a part of strategy and refers to short term plans to satisfy the strategic objective. Service desk makes the strategy for a business and Helpdesk ensures that the tactical approach.

Thus a significant difference between Helpdesk and service desk is that the service desk is unified with other IT services management processes like organization of service level agreements, incorporation of asset management protocols and five core processes of ITIL, supporting IT service delivery throughout the entire service-based system. It involves the formation of a service catalogue for users to access facts about services and requests.

The Helpdesk focuses on providing immediate service to simple problems e.g. troubleshoot IT issues, break-fix, handling of tickets, password changes, setting up new accounts, server repairs, issues of telecom, networking and computing i.e. Tier1 activities which roll into the duties of the Service Desk like managing change requests, software licenses, contracts, the layout of services etc. The IT Helpdesk is an addition to pre-existing IT acts- a subset of Service Desk.

Helpdesk vs Service Desk support

Helpdesk vs Desktop Support

The literal meaning of help desk is a central point of contact where people come and ask for help. But in today’s era, the helpdesk is the initial point of contact where people can call and report their problems, which is then passed on to the appropriate team to take proper actions. This system helps in easily identifying the problem and send the correct person as soon as possible to take care of it.

The primary responsibility of desktop support is to respond to problems that require technical guidance and support. In this case, most of the time the technician has to go to the location and help, to solve the problem, or they can also solve it through virtual call until and unless the technician has access to the affected machine.

Service Desk vs Desktop Support

The primary function of the Service desk is to focus on the network & systems. It is available 24/7 and its main function is to monitor & manage the IT network, check if there’s any flaw in the system security, the backup processes, and the overall performance of the system. They are mostly customer-centric and try to solve the product-related problems which the customers might face.

On the other hand, desktop support mainly provides services that require assistance to fix software or hardware-related issues. On an individual’s computer or company’s network, phones, and printers. They provide on-site technical support from setting up computer hardware & installing software, to troubleshooting basic IT issues.